This site has been created by the RRHS AP World History team to assist their students.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to share your thoughts.

If you’ve misplaced your 1st Day handout with the WHAP course information you can view/download a copy here.                                                                

JOANNE TRCKA  (Room 312) Phone (512) 464-6246  Joanne_Trcka@Roundrockisd.org   

ROBERT CONRAD (Room 316)   Phone (512) 464-6250  Robert_Conrad@Roundrockisd.org

JESSICA FREEMAN   (Room 318)   Phone (512) 464-6000     Jessica_Freeman@Roundrockisd.org    

TEXTBOOK Website:  http://wps.ablongman.com/long_stearns_wcap_3/15/3928/1005788.cw/index.html

We are very happy you decided to challenge yourself with an AP course.  We hope to make your time in class an enjoyable experience.  In order to accomplish this objective, we all have responsibilities. If there is anything we can do to help you in this class or at Round Rock High School in general,please don’t hesitate to speak with us.

The Course - AP World History is designed to prepare the ambitious student for success on the College Board World History Exam, and to provide the student with a thorough, objective education in global history. This is an academically rigorous study of mankind’s existence on this planet for the past ~10,000 years. Although World History is a “core” course, AP World History is a College Board approved, college-level class taught with a college-level text and ancillaries with college-level expectations… in other words, a very challenging course. Near the end of the school year ALL AP students are expected to take the AP World History Examination which, with an acceptable score, could provide them with college credit.  The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are met and greatly exceeded through this course.

Costs:  There is a fee that the College Board charges for administering this test.  There are systems in place to help those who may require financial assistance.  Round Rock High School wants to assure that every student has an equal opportunity to participate in the AP Exam.

Grading Policy:  ALL QUIZZES, EXAMS, & ESSAYS ARE TIMED. Six weeks grades are calculated according to the following:

 40% EXAMS & MAJOR GRADES                                                                                     60% QUIZZES

Daily reading quizzes are based on the previous night’s reading or other material related to the current unit.

Students will have 8 minutes to complete a quiz; that time will diminish by 15 seconds each marking period. Expect a quiz every day.

Students will have the opportunity to improve their grade on a quiz within one week of taking the quiz and only if/when the corresponding Key Points have been completed and submitted within the allotted time.


  • READING and lots of it.  Expect an average of 25-30 pages of reading per homework assignment.
  • Guided Reading Assignments (“Key Points”) are also assigned to each chapter and must be completed on time.
    • These Key Points will not mathematically factor in to the student’s grade.  However, the student can only improve a quiz grade if the Key Points have been completed and submitted to the teacher within 1 week of taking the quiz.
  • Attending class alone cannot possibly prepare the student for success on the AP exam or in the course.
  • You will encounter vocabulary that you may never have encountered before. If you do not know a word, look it up!

Expectations: Be Peaceful, Be on Time, Be Honest, Respect the Opinions of Others, Politely Participate, Use Time Wisely, and clean up any mess you make.  Respect is something that is freely given and can only be lost.  Don’t lose respect.
Midterm:   All AP World History students will take the Midterm Semester Exam in December.

Absences:  IF you miss class on a test day, expect to take it the next day you come to class. If it is discovered that you have skipped on a test day- you get a ZERO on the test. I randomly check on absences so don’t skip. You must always check my website for homework assignments and anything else you might need to know. SCHOOL POLICY:  When you know in advance that you will miss a class you are required to contact your teacher before your absence to arrange for anything you will miss.

Tutorials & Communication:  Mr. Conrad, Mrs. Trcka, and Mrs. Freeman will all be available to assist you at various times.  There will be a schedule posted outside each of our classrooms for your reference.  Each of us can also be reached via e-mail – often this can be the most efficient form of communication.  The majority of our time is spent with students in the room and often our conference periods are used for meetings, etc.


Students with Educational Accommodations:  Regarding the AP Exam in the spring, the College Board has a lengthy accommodations process.  Please contact your counselor and/or principal and begin the application process ASAP.